Cloud Computing A driver for Economy Competitiveness

Greece needs a new model of development, where exports and private investment are the key growth drivers. Improvement of the competitiveness of the Greek products and services is a crucial success factor for this transition. This implies that the Greek entrepreneurs should focus their efforts on cutting costs and increasing the value added of their products and services, while the State should minimise the administrative burden it imposes on the economy. The upcoming cloud computing (CC) paradigm shift is a technological event that holds great potential to assist these efforts.

Cloud computing is becoming a popular element of the IT landscape. Hundreds of millions of users rely on remote data centres and browser-based applications in order to exchange and store mail messages, photographs, videos and other types of content. Cloud computing has the potential to become the upcoming technology event that will once more transform the way our society functions, which includes the economy’s production techniques and the state-business interface. The aim of this study is to assess the importance of the early adoption of cloud computing for the competitiveness of the Greek economy.

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