Making a real social and economic contribution to Europe’s economy 2011

Welcome to the European Cruise Council’s 2011/2012 Report. Hopefully it will provide policymakers in Brussels as well as the wider world with an interesting insight into the many facets of the European cruise sector. It is encouraging and indeed remarkable that in these highly uncertain times the cruise industry continues to grow steadily and make a real social and economic contribution to Europe’s economy.

The number of Europeans and non-Europeans who choose a cruise holiday in Europe has more than doubled in the past decade to over 5 million. The report shows the industry generated €35.2 billion of goods and services, and increased its European bookings by 9.3% over 2009 to command 30%of the global market. It generates employment for over 300,000 people across Europe, an increase of 55% since 2005.

It is also worth recalling that 99% of the world’s cruise ships are currently built in European shipyards, which in turn buy 99% of all their supplies from European manufacturers. The investment of €10.3 billion in new ships announced up to 2014 testifies to the fact that the cruise industry is a key driver in maintaining a European
shipbuilding industry.

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